XY and XXY men are virtually the same

XXY chromosome men are basically the same as XY chromosome men

Looking at an XXY man, they look the same as any XY man. Yet, medical researchers say XXY men are taller. Reality check: tall XY men tend to be taller too.

Medical research for XXY has consistently attempted to call out a laundry list of health maladies unique to XXY men, yet if you scrutinize the list and compare it against the maladies from which XY men can and do suffer, you may find that XXY men actually suffer from an equal or less amount of medical issues than do XY men.

Sure, just like all men and women, XXY men encounter health issues during their life. All of us – me, you, everybody – are equally perfect, equally flawed. There are no adverse characteristics universal to all XXY men, just as the same is true for XY men. Even the characteristics long used by medical researchers to ascribe a commonality of issues are evolving. For instance, once upon a time it was thought to be a rarity that an XXY man could reproduce, but now that is changing. XXY men fathering children is on the rise.

XXY men experience pleasure and pain, just as do XY men.

“Life is pain!” Gregory House MD, shouted in the final season of the popular television show. That bit of excellent script writing told the stark truth about which few of us want to be aware. Life is also joy and discovery, of course, but how we deal with pain is a large part of what defines us. Has there ever been a human being that did not suffer pain at some point in their life?

All humans suffer. The fact that all humans suffer from medical issues is part of what defines us as human. If this was not the case, we would have no need of doctors. To call out a laundry list of maladies supposedly unique to one specific type of human when in fact they could describe all humans seems to boil down to chromosomal prejudice.

Doctors have acknowledged that if you look at a cross-section of the XY and XXY male population, you will find the same occasional irregularities and characteristics equally prevalent in both. Yet, many doctors have no idea this is true. This is not acceptable.

The medical research community needs to know they have it wrong. All doctors need to know it. They need to acknowledge it, update their knowledge base, and talk about real life experiences of XXY males.

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