XXY is simply another kind of male

If you search for “XXY Male”, “XXY Chromosomes”, or “47,XXY”, the search engine results will provide you with pages and pages of mostly incorrect information. Among them is the idea that XXY chromosomes equals Klinefelter’s syndrome. This is patently incorrect. You may also read that XXY chromosomes are a disease, which is also not true.

A chromosome is a strand of DNA. Many men have XY chromosomes, while millions of other men possess XXY chromosomes.

Among the more offensive and incorrect characterizations medical researchers have published in peer-reviewed articles that should never have passed review are the idea that XXY males possess subnormal intelligence, have female body proportions and characteristics, have mental problems, are unruly in a classroom, and have gender identity issues. None of these are true.

In fact, think of nearly any undesirable health issue, and type that issue into a search engine, appended by “XXY chromosomes”. In nearly all cases, you will find that medical research has been done with the goal of ascribing that health issue as a problem in XXY boys or men.

The single most offensive characterization is that XXY babies are unworthy of being born. Keep in mind that the above characteristics are at best unusual, and that they occur with equal frequency in both XY and XXY men.

An XXY male is male, plain and simple. Like XY men, the vast majority of XXY men are simply male. Sure, just like in XY men, there are occasionally individuals who have gender identity questions and abnormal body proportions, or other issues. Take, for instance, men lacking in physical fitness, who may experience health issues. Regardless of chromosome type, people who abuse their bodies tend to have more health issues.

XXY males do not universally have abnormal proportions, nor any of the characteristics commonly ascribed by doctors, the media, and even government medical resources such as the Genetics Home Reference.

XXY males are fully capable, healthy, athletic, compassionate, intelligent human beings.

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