XXY is Not Intersex – XXY Movie is Wrong

The XXY Movie is wrong. Countless times, when I talk about XXY, people have read about the movie, written and directed by Lucía Puenzo, which gave the world a completely false portrayal of what constitutes an XXY man. Is the person portrayed possible? Sure, just as possible as it is for an XY man or XX woman to be intersex.

Thank you Lucía Puenzo for misleading the movie-watching world with your moving story in the inappropriately titled XXY.

The movie "XXY" had it wrong. XXY is not intersex. XXY is male.While the movie offered a compelling story, the character’s sexual identity had no realistic relation to XXY chromosomes. It is a fact of humanity that intersex humans exist (since at least 385 BC, when Plato spoke of them in The Symposium), yet their presence or population is at best equal in XX, XY, and XXY humans.

The movie did nothing in helping people understand the reality of XXY chromosomes, instead confusing people with a purely fictional direct correlation between XXY chromosomes and multiple sex organs. The truth is that most XXY men are equipped with merely a penis.

I speculate on why people seem to get so weirded out by the idea of an intersex human in this Guest Blog Post on Lunch Ticket.

Intersex is a feeling, and it is one that I cannot speak about because I have no direct experience with it.

Inaccuracy aside, the movie XXY is a touching human story, worth a watch, albeit with the knowledge that is it not remotely representative of XXY boys or men.

If you should find yourself confused whilst watching it, keep in mind that the director intended to confuse you by using a clearly female actress of slight build to portray an intersex person, and also keep in mind that XXY men are not built like that. No, we’re built like men, period.

Think the world could use an accurate XXY movie? Leave a comment or get in touch.

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