XXY Manifesto

I wrote the XXY Manifesto because many XXY boys, men, and their parents have adopted negative, oppressive medical standards as part of their personal identity. For instance, I saw a custom T-shirt where the guy wore a message that read “XXY = Klinefelter Syndrome” – but it’s simply not true.

Why label yourself with a syndrome instead of living as a true equal? I see this all the time. It’s similar in nature to self-deprecating humor, undermining the self in the service of false standards that hold people back.

The XXY Manifesto exists to inspire us all to live to our greatest potential. Download it below, and please help spread the word by sharing this with your friends on social media.


1. Love yourself.
2. Learn the truth about the advantages of XXY chromosomes.
3. Share your experiences and unique perspectives with the world.
4. Show the world that XXY and XY chromosomes are virtually the same, with equal characteristics and life possibilities across the board.
5. Attack medical misinformation as if our lives depend on it. (They do.)
6. Be comfortable with who you are.
7. Believe in yourself. Believe in your body.
8. Teach educators how to connect with XXY minds.
9. Teach yourself, parents, doctors, and researchers the truth about life possibilities with XXY chromosomes.
10. Take part only in positive-focused XXY research. Do not engage in negative XXY medical research.
11. Help XXY chromosome human beings learn, grow, and get the most from their lives.
12. Contribute to the well-being of all.
13. Find the way forward when meeting resistance to your truth.
14. Make human equality a priority. Start with yourself.
15. Be brave. Be true. Be you.

Help spread the word. Download your copy of the XXY Manifesto.

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