XXY Knowledge is Important – The Standards Are Misleading

XXY knowledge is important for several reasons. This post reviews some of the primary reasons XXY has become a social justice issue worth considering. Current XXY standards negatively impact individuals, families, siblings, classmates, and communities. XXY boys and men are normal people, fully capable in every way, but their difference is misrepresented online and in classrooms, promoting fear and misunderstanding of difference.

Note: This is a pro-human statement (not a pro-life argument).

280,000 healthy XXY fetuses are aborted each year due to medical misinformation

So why is XXY knowledge important?

XXY standards say boys and men with XXY chromosomes have a laundry list of health issues, but that list is wildly misleading by design, leading parents to either raise their XXY kids to a lower standards or to terminate. They undermine healthy attitudes and life approaches instead of promoting the positive reality of XXY.

The baby issue

I do not claim to know what is the correct decision for expecting parents of XXY babies. Since the standard medical recommendation is termination, it is important and fair that I share my life experience as an XXY man as perspective in contrast to the overtly negative things medical professionals and websites say about XXY. In my experience XXY is a positive difference. Perhaps the most important thing to start with is that XXY chromosomes do not equal Klinefelter syndrome.

280,000 XXY male fetuses are aborted each year, based on doctor recommendations. These recommendations are rooted in faulty research data. Again, this is not a pro-life argument. It’s a pro-human statement.

Knowing about XXY chromosomes is important if you care about the well-being of your family and the education of children. It’s also important if you need to trust your doctor. It’s important to doctors, parents, individuals, librarians, and teachers.

XXY = healthy boys and men, but the media, medical researchers, and an inappropriately titled movie have misled people, on a mass scale, to believe that XXY is a defect. The truth is, XXY is natural.

Accurate knowledge of XXY chromosomes is important for several reasons. XXY is a natural human difference, which touches nearly everyone in several key walks of life, including childbirth, family, education, health and well-being, medicine, community, and basic reality.

We rely on each other for learning opportunities and new perspectives, but we can do so only when everyone has a voice. XXY boys and men have long been denied a voice and frequently are denied a life opportunity. That has to change.

The key points center around five areas:

1. Sharing real-life experience for physicians lacking in practical XXY knowledge. It may be hard to believe, but the truth is many medical researchers and physicians lack a true understanding of the realities of XXY boys and men. They frequently have no real-world experience with XXY, or they have only read biased research. I have encountered doctors who refused to treat me in the same respectful manner as XY men because they truly believe XXY men are lesser human beings. That must change.

2. Supporting equal education opportunities for all. Medical researchers often inaccurately portray XXY boys and men as being difficult to teach and possessing subnormal intelligence, yet quite the opposite is true. Unfortunately, such published research and lack of understanding often results in XXY boys unnecessarily being sequestered to special needs classes rather than getting the equal education opportunities they are often fully capable of handling. Plus, removing their unique perspectives from a classroom denies all students the opportunity to learn from diverse perspectives, instead promoting homogenized learning. Some studies and doctors have noted that XXY boys and men can be abnormally intelligent.

3. Countering and correcting medical standards that work against human diversity. At least three prominent government resources disseminate grossly inaccurate information about XXY chromosomes that misinforms doctors, teachers, parents, and individuals. These sites populate search engine results on Google, DuckDuckGo, and others, with polluted information that instantly misinforms people.

Wikipedia is even worse—their own information watchdogs refuse to allow the XXY page to be accurate. In fact, they fail to draw the correct distinction between XXY and Klinefelter, instead forwarding XXY to Klinefelter. Additionally, their page fails to correctly note that some XY men have what doctors call Klinefelter syndrome. Any changes made to the wiki are instantly changed back. The Google results page, and Wikipedia’s as well, are wildly misleading in both text and visuals.

Misleading government resources include the Genetics Home Reference incorrect labeling of XXY as Klinefelter syndrome, the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)’s mischaracterization of XXY as Klinefelter syndrome, and the National Human Genome Research Institute’s misleading XXY page. This is a problem in many developed countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Japan, and more.

An example of the misinformation: Human Genome Research Institute states, “Klinefelter syndrome is found in about 1 out of every 500-1,000 newborn males,” yet this is impossible since Klinefelter symptoms cannot manifest until puberty. An NICHD-sponsored study concluded that most XXY men do not have Klinefelter syndrome. (It also said that some XY men do.)

4. Providing accurate information for expectant parents of XXY babies. Before you consider termination of an XXY baby based on a doctor recommendation or internet research, consider the overtly positive life experience and facts about corrupted research I am offering here and in my book. Also, search for other personal accounts of healthy XXY lives.

5. Providing accurate information for XXY people. XXY boys and men have long been subjected to substandard educational opportunities, unequal medical treatment, and reduced life standards, yet there is no valid reason for denying equal opportunity for XXY boys and men. They are fully capable, intelligent, healthy human beings.

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