Imagine you are an XXY fetus inside an expectant mother

[Read this before Googling “XXY chromosomes” if you want accurate information.]

Imagine for a second that you are a fetus inside your mother’s womb (and that you can understand language already!). You are hearing a doctor tell your mother that you, the fetus inside her, have been “diagnosed” as having XXY chromosomes. The doctor says you will not be a normal child, and recommends that your mother terminate you. You can feel your mother’s emotional struggle and grief as it grips the entirety of her being.

Got that? Ok, now for the scary part:

A doctor who recommends abortion of an XXY fetus does so because he or she has no idea that an XXY male is virtually the same as an XY male, in every way, with the sole guaranteed difference being the presence of XXY chromosomes.

Imagine being the mother of a formerly perfectly healthy unborn baby, and finding out the truth after your abortion. For those mothers, I am sorry to be illuminating this startling truth, yet for the millions of future mothers of XXY babies, I have to do this. I also have to do it for the millions of XXY men in the world. I have to do it for us all, in fact, because all humans deserve the learning opportunity born of life and living together.

How did doctors get so far off course?
Doctors read medical research summaries to learn about human differences, then they share what they learn with their patients whenever there is relevant need. The vast majority of research on XXY boys and men (also called 47,XXY, and also incorrectly called Klinefelter syndrome) is wildly inaccurate. Those doctors who recommend termination most likely do so because they have not read current or accurate research, and they have likely have no experience with an XXY individual.

Accurate research summaries on XXY chromosomes are hard to find because the vast majority of research studies are conducted with grotesque bias against XXY humans (in fact, against many areas of human diversity), leading to an overwhelming quantity of fundamentally flawed medical research papers about XXY chromosomes. Even major US government resources on the subject have got it wrong. Oddly, rather than correcting the problem, doctors are compelled by the Western medicine fraternity to toe the line or risk being ostracized.

Now, getting back to being the fetus inside an expectant mother: Chances are, you will not be born. Chances are, your mother is going to experience unimaginable grief for no valid reason. Chances are, you will become a sad statistic of medical malfeasance.

This is not a pro-life argument; it is a pro-human statement.

How many XXY male babies are aborted?
Over 1.4 million XXY male fetuses are terminated in a five-year span, while just over 900,000 are born in that same period. This means that utilizing faulty information, doctors are successful in their XXY male abortion recommendations up to 60% of the time.

Can you imagine being one of the 285,000 mothers who terminated her XXY male pregnancy this year based on faulty, biased, grossly incorrect medical research? That could be your wife, neighbor, sister, or friend. The misinformation problem is inexcusable.

Be a part of positive change for human equality
It is time to manifest change for XXY boys and men, their mothers, and their families. It is time to share the truth with misinformed physicians. It is time to talk about what truly makes us human and how we are similar. It is time to speak up for true human equality.

Are you a mother or father of an XXY child? Are you an XXY man? Are you a physician possessing or lacking direct experience with XXY men? Can you help me share with the world the truth about XXY chromosomes?

XXY standards need to get real. The dialog about XXY boys and men is going to change because it must. For such change to manifest, we must read, connect, and share. We must work together. Please join me.

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