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Imagine you are an XXY fetus inside an expectant mother

[Read this before Googling “XXY chromosomes” if you want accurate information.]

Imagine for a second that you are a fetus inside your mother’s womb (and that you can understand language already!). You are hearing a doctor tell your mother that you, the fetus inside her, have been “diagnosed” as having XXY chromosomes. The doctor says you will not be a normal child, and recommends that your mother terminate you. You can feel your mother’s emotional struggle and grief as it grips the entirety of her being.

Got that? Ok, now for the scary part:

A doctor who recommends abortion of an XXY fetus does so because he or she has no idea that an XXY male is virtually the same as an XY male, in every way, with the sole guaranteed difference being the presence of XXY chromosomes.

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