What Is XXY?

XXY is the new healthy fully capable man

XX, XY, and XXY are sex chromosome sets that determine the physicality of your gender. XX is female, and XY and XXY are male. There other types of human chromosomes too.

XXY is a fairly common type of chromosome. One in every five hundred men have them, so chances are, you have worked with or shopped beside XXY men and don’t even know it.

A chromosome is a strand of DNA encoded with genes. Every human has chromosomes, and despite what we are taught in middle school, there are many kinds of them. XXY is the third most common type of chromosome after XX and XY.

XXY men are not intersex. They’re just like any other guy.

If you look up XXY on your favorite search engine, you will invariably encounter wildly incorrect and misleading results. There is evidence this is because medical researchers are actively practicing eugenics against individuals with XXY chromosomes, in spite of the fact that eugenics fell well out of favor shortly after World War II (for ethical reasons), and was banned as a medical practice in the European Union.

Quick facts to counter the information you may find elsewhere:
• XXY chromosomes are not a birth defect. They are natural.
• XXY chromosomes are not Klinefelter syndrome. Some doctors say Klinefelter is a misnomer.
• XXY chromosomes are not a disease. There are even benefits to the difference.

People with XXY chromosomes are just like other people, bestowed with physical and mental gifts, talents, and individual characteristics, all of which make us human. Like most people, we are endowed with the ability to contribute to the well-being of others and support our neighbors, family, and friends. We can work, raise children, and compete in athletics. In fact, XXY men have the exact same capabilities as our XY counterparts.

XXYtruth.com is a resource for all, here to help illuminate reality, forge understanding and connection, and help people live better together.

Read why accurate knowledge of XXY chromosomes is so important.

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